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Lewis - LHT Ultimate Brake Set - Titanium bolts, Pistons

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The Ultimate has arrived! - for the Ultimate in adjustability and performance! 
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The LHT is LEWIS premium level Braking system full of innovation and patented technology.

The main difference to the LH4 is the Lever Ratio Adjustment. This is the third level of adjustment that no other brake system has. The first 2 levels are Lever Reach Adjustment and Bite Point Adjustment. The third adjustment lets you adjust the leverage applied to the pistons, in other words, it will adjust Power Level and Pitch of the lever.

But that's not all, we also fully kitted the build with Titanium bolts and pistons! This looks so sick, but also adds strength and lower coefficient of linear heat expansion compared to steel.

The LHT has even more power due to larger pistons and increased leverage ratio.

Fully sealed system ready to ride out of the box, custom larger brake pads LP/TP-40 are used, the hose is new K28 Kevlar braided 165cm rear and 90cm Front length.