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Lewis - Heavy Duty Rotor 180 / 200 / * 2.3mm

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Material: 420 stainless steel.

Laser cut and molded with high precision, low deformation and low induced stress.

The dense perforated design used in the HD rotor effectively increases the heat dissipation area of the rotors.

The 12-spoke support design, coupled with internal triangular reinforcement, increases the support strength at the fixed position of the rotor, reducing the likelihood of fastener loosening caused by rotor resonance.

The surface employs a multifaceted polishing process to ensure uniform smoothness and roughness of the rotor surface.

The edges are chamfered, and all cut surfaces are coated with electrophoretic paint. This not only prevents rust but also to some extent reduces the occurrence of injuries caused by contact with the sharp edges of the rotor, thereby enhancing the safety attributes of the rotor.