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Lewis- LV2 Brake Set

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The ultimate lightweight breaking system with unbeatable power for its size.

The L-Vertical AKA LV2 is one of the lightest brakes on the market, and yet it is still powerful enough for Trials riders. This makes it the perfect set-up for a wide verity of bikes from race BMX, Cross-country, Trail, Dirt Jump, Park, Street, Trials and All Mountain bikes.

The LV2 can do it all with ease, style and amazing looks!

WEIGHT - Complete front and rear 412.5g

Brake Pad - Lewis LP-30, TP-30

Hose length - 90cm / 165cm

Olive Type - Reusable no bleed olive.

Oil Type - Mineral oil

Bleed Kit - Recommendation EZMTB 2022std

Rotors size - Fits (140 mm | 160 mm | 180 mm | 203 mm | 223 mm) With according adapter not included