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Öhlins TXC2Air Trunnion remote lockout bakdämpare

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Öhlins nya XC serie.
Finns i måtten 165x45 & 185x55mm.
Beställningsvara ca 4-6 arbetsdagar.


Hydraulics optimized for XC racing with serial shim stacks
3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the racetrack
Rider-friendly volume spacer system to adjust air spring progressiveness
Reducers can easily be installed to adjust stroke
Larger, more versatile than the TXC1Air
Remote and manual control options
Remote connection compatible with systems pulling 7.5 mm of wire per click
Adapter available for manual controls and systems pulling 5.5 mm per click
Manual control option adding 16 clicks of LSC
12 clicks of rebound
Trunnion mount
Available in 165/190 – 37.5/40/42.5/45 and 185/210 – 47.5/50/52.5/55
Weight from 255 g